Diary of a Working Queen Bee

Trying to keep the hive happy and buzzing

What is a working queen bee?

Everyone knows the queen bee does not do any work. She just bosses all the other bees around right?  I wish. From the time I was young, my daddy nicked named me the queen bee. As the oldest of 5 girls,... Continue Reading →

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“The bad news is times flies, the good news is you are the pilot” – Michael Altshuler

Time moves so fast and the older you get, the faster it seems to be moving. I can’t believe that my two year anniversary at Google has arrived so quickly. Two years, that’s 730 days at Google Cloud focused on... Continue Reading →

It’s my one year Googleversary 

Wow, that year went quickly! I started a new job in a new company and worked a whole twelve months without ever being in person on campus, with my teammates or my customers. I feel like I should say that... Continue Reading →

What I learned bringing my dad home to die

Writing is therapeutic for me and I always try to look back at the situation after the fact to process it. Here is what I learned from our family experience of caring for my dad in his last days. It’s... Continue Reading →

My father’s Eulogy

Today's blog is a very different one and one I never wanted to write. I want to thank my amazing sisters who were the co-authors and the most amazing care team for my father's final days. _________________________ For those of... Continue Reading →

A view from the Noogler* bridge: 90 days in a new company during a pandemic

Change is disruptive, it is hard regardless of your timing. Now let’s add an extra layer of complexity to it. I started a new job at a new company during the pandemic. In this new world, I only ever interviewed... Continue Reading →

The Next Chapter Begins

Change is always a good thing. It is an opportunity to grow and learn and get out of your comfort zone. I am excited to announce my next chapter. My passion has always been the intersection of Health, Life Sciences... Continue Reading →

Thank you Microsoft

Thank you for 12 amazing years Microsoft  I joined Microsoft 12 years ago hoping I could make an impact in Life Sciences. At that time the stock was $28 a share and many people questioned why Microsoft and had no... Continue Reading →

Mean Girls Lessons

  I logged on to social media one night and saw a status from a friend who was obviously upset about her daughter not being invited to party hosted by someone she believed was her friend. In today’s world, being... Continue Reading →

Reflection on 10 years #MSFT

I recently celebrated a significant milestone at Microsoft. It was my 10 year service anniversary. This has honestly been the fastest 10 years of my life. My kids are growing like weeds and moving from babies into the teenage years.... Continue Reading →

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