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“The bad news is times flies, the good news is you are the pilot” – Michael Altshuler

Time moves so fast and the older you get, the faster it seems to be moving. I can’t believe that my two year anniversary at Google has arrived so quickly. Two years, that’s 730 days at Google Cloud focused on... Continue Reading →

It’s my one year Googleversary 

Wow, that year went quickly! I started a new job in a new company and worked a whole twelve months without ever being in person on campus, with my teammates or my customers. I feel like I should say that... Continue Reading →

Thank you Microsoft

Thank you for 12 amazing years Microsoft  I joined Microsoft 12 years ago hoping I could make an impact in Life Sciences. At that time the stock was $28 a share and many people questioned why Microsoft and had no... Continue Reading →

The best gift I ever received as a mother

Last mother's day, I wrote a piece on my mother called Mother's Day. This year for the first time ever, I will share someone else's thoughts on my blog in honor of mother's day. On Christmas morning this year, I... Continue Reading →

What advice would I give my younger self?

What advice would I give my younger self? I often moderate panel discussions and one of my closing questions, I always ask the panelist is “What advice would you give your younger self?” It often draws out great lessons that... Continue Reading →

How to raise a confident daughter

  I recently attended a funeral where my cousin stood up and spoke about her dad, Jerry, who passed away suddenly. She was sharing her thoughts and I realized she had answered a question that has puzzled me for years:... Continue Reading →


Where has all the loyalty gone? I remember my first internship at DuPont Chemicals.   At the end of my 6-month engagement, I attended a Town hall meeting where a senior executive stated “There was a time where if you got... Continue Reading →

What is your currency?

The older I get the more I learn that the most valuable thing to me is time:         Time with my kids Time to work on my to do list Time to spend at the beach Time to take care of... Continue Reading →

Recipe for a successful flexible work arrangement

A few people have asked for my advice on this topic so I thought I would share my recipe for a successful flexible work arrangement. If you have a company policy to support flexible arrangements, I do find the more... Continue Reading →

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