Thank you for 12 amazing years Microsoft 

I joined Microsoft 12 years ago hoping I could make an impact in Life Sciences. At that time the stock was $28 a share and many people questioned why Microsoft and had no idea Microsoft had a focus in healthcare.  I held every industry and partner role as an individual contributor and as a manager, then a director. I eventually rose thru the ranks and landed in the role which I currently hold as the National Director of Health & Life Science industry team for the US for the past 6 years.

I have lived through so many iterations of health, industry and many reorgs at Microsoft. Through it all I never lost hope that this was the company that could do it, truly make an impact in health & Life Sciences. I always believed Microsoft had all the assets and capabilities to make a difference in this market. I saw it and kept pushing, dreaming and building.  

Today the stock is over $200 share. Microsoft’s health business has grown four times over since I started. I can honestly say I know the vision I had that was influenced by so many of my coworkers and our customers has come to reality. I was one of few constants in the US market that drove us to where we are today in the services we offer, the way we go to market, the partnerships we formed and the customers business outcomes we drove to make a difference in health.  I am so proud of the customers and patients we helped and impact it had on Microsoft. I am particularly proud of the team I built and the difference we have made in the health and life sciences. I am better for knowing each and every one of them. Together we built a best practice on running an industry vertical at one of the largest tech companies in the world.

In everyone’s journey, there comes a point in time where you want more.  You get too comfortable. You need new experiences to grow personally and professionally and meet your lifelong goals. That time for me is now. I am leaving to pursue an opportunity outside of the company. Today is my last day at Microsoft.

12 years must be my lucky number. I spent 12 years at Merck, 12 years and Microsoft and now it’s time for the next chapter.

I discovered the real me at Microsoft. I was my true authentic self and was very successful in following my passions, building this market and making shit happen. I flourished in the culture and transformation of this company that was led by arguably one of the best CEOs of all time. I will forever be thankful to the leaders, friends and colleagues who have worked with me, taught me, inspired me and mentored me in this journey. I never cease to be amazed at how many smart thoughtful people there are at this company. I am humbled and honored to have been a part of it all.

Full of gratitude and appreciation I go forward to next chapter excited, inspired and ready to #msh

What’s next? Well now you will have to wait for next weeks blog to learn more about that….