Everyone knows the queen bee does not do any work. She just bosses all the other bees around right?  I wish. From the time I was young, my daddy nicked named me the queen bee. As the oldest of 5 girls, and the child of immigrant parents, I often jumped up to take charge and make things happen. Till this day from family parties, vacations, community events, local charities, I am forever adding more worker bees to my hive and keeping us all busy sometimes a little too busy. How big can this hive get? I am a women executive working for a technology company balancing a career and a family. I am passionate about women, leadership and health technology. I am the mother of two grade school children between homework and sports, some days I can’t keep my calendar straight but I try every day to build confidence in my children.  I am on the boards for local community work and the leukemia and lymphoma society. I am probably one of most social people I know. I love spending time with the people I love and laughing, it’s my medicine and sanity check. I have decided to begin keeping a diary of how I juggle the role of ” working ” queen bee and all the lessons I have learned along the way but most importantly all the laughs.