She was born into this world on August 27,1947 weighing in at only 1 pound 6 ounces in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Back then it was miracle that she survived. Her mother was not so lucky. Just a few months after giving birth to her seventh child, Rose Blaney passed away. Baby girl Blaney would spent the next few months in hospitals and homes, there are very few details of those weeks. Did Rose hold her baby? Did she know she was that sick? Did she worry about who would care for her new baby? Where were the other 6 children? So many questions and so little answers but life goes on. There is no other choice.

Baby girl Blaney went thru life living in various homes. Her grandmothers, her old aunts, her fathers which meant sadly many times the kids were on their own. Her sister eventually was old enough to begin raising her. She said her least favorite day of the year was Mother’s Day. She spent the whole day crying year after year. In school it was so hard when others were making cards and gifts for their mum. It left her sitting with a wandering mind. Did my mother hold me? If I close my eyes hard enough, can I picture her face? Why don’t I remember seeing her face?  Why me? Does she see me now? As a child the whole concept was too much for anyone to understand.

Fast forward fifty years, Baby girl Blaney is a mother herself of five girls. It is Mother’s Day. She is surrounded by her daughters and showered with gifts. She takes a second and soaks it all in. She shares with her daughters for the first time, a very deep reflection. She said, “You know I dreaded mother’s day every year of my childhood and now it is one of my favorite days of the year because of all you. I would have never imagined I could feel this much joy on this day in my lifetime.”

Happy Mothers Day to my mom, Patricia Blaney Leonard! She grew up without a mother all her life yet she is one of the best moms in the world. She is the most selfless and giving persons I know. She enjoys your success many times more than you do, she lifts you when you are sick and she is delighted when someone wins the big jackpot on the price is right. She raised five independent successful girls and she now has 12 grandkids with the 13th on the way. She was there for almost every birth as a coach. I swear she was a doula in another life time.  Everyone gets their 360 moment.  Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!

Buzz Worthy Lesson of the day: Everyone gets their 360 moment