Are you looking for a change in your career or currently unemployed? In a work rut or just not sure if you are on the right path? I clearly remember standing on my front lawn years ago having a discussion about work and saying I think I was meant for bigger things but I could not put my finger on it. I just knew in my heart; I was not in the right place but I was not sure I was strong enough to make a change or where to even begin. Looking back, I now realize there were a few steps I took to get here and I want to share them with you today. These lessons can apply to work or business, a relationship, or any important decision you have to make.


  1. Spend time in quiet and meditate. How do you listen to your heart? Are you too busy to hear it? Last summer I read Adrianna Huffington’s book Thrive. In the book, Adrianna worked so hard that her health was comprised, so much so that she collapses. We often feel drained trying to be everything to everyone. How do you make time to keep your head clear, to focus, to be sure your mental health is attended to just as much as your physical health? My major takeaway was to take at least 10 mins out to meditate. When I work from home and my kids get on the bus, I take 10 minutes out to sit down before I get on the computer. I have a cup of tea and sit in quiet, I try to listen to my body, clear my mind and simply stay quiet without any distractions for 10 minutes. Sounds silly but it really helps me to calm myself and be open before my work day begins. Set aside time to meditate, clear your mind and listen to your body. In all reality, 10 minutes is not enough but you have to start somewhere. Small steps forward
  2. Follow your passion I had a friend who struggled going back to work after years of being home raising her kids. She tried a few different jobs but she never was settled or happy going to work. She contemplated going for other jobs, applied, and thought many times about changing her field or returning to a previous career. All along she volunteered for a local organization that she was passionate about. I remember thinking she is single mom raising five kids, how can she still be giving back to this organization and making it a priority? I now realize, she did it because it was her passion. Focusing on people she could help and making a difference really were her passion. A year later, that nonprofit, offered her what she describes as her dream job. She is in the role now and it clear she is so good at what she does and she is making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. The marriage of her passion and career were an explosive combination. What is your passion?

3. Don’t be afraid to fail. Fail quickly, reassess and get back on the horse. Many times women will not go for a job unless they are 100% qualified or feel 100% ready for the job. Men are only 60% ready and they will not only go for the role but demand it. Don’t be afraid to take on a new challenge, or potential role or company. It’s ok to fail. We learn when we fail. My advice would be to fail quick. Figure out a way to test the idea. An example would be if your passion is flower design and your dream is to open your own store, create a baby step plan. Don’t go out and open the shop, partner with a wedding planner. Do it on weekends. Put your toes in the water and do a test run. After a few months, sit down and reassess, is it time to take the plunge?

4. Say it out loud. When I realized, I wanted to work at Microsoft, I started to tell everyone. Anyone and everyone who would listen to me. I heard that little voice in my head say “Shut up, stupid. What if you don’t get the job?” I told that little voice, I am going to get my job come hell or high water and the only way that happens is if I believe it. It holds you accountable.

Many people are doing this today online with their weight loss journey and it works. You see so many gym programs requiring you to check in and state you are working towards a goal. It keeps you vested. Say your goal loud and proud and make it a reality.

Buzz-Worthy Lesson: The answer is within in you. Take the time to listen, explore your passion, take risks and hold yourself accountable by sharing your plan out loud.

You had the power all along my friend, you just had to learn for yourself